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RE: my car wont go

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RE: my car wont go

Ok a couple of days ago i posted about my car not having any pressure. So i replaced the clutch slave cylinder that was leaking.
So i replace that and the clutch works fine for like a day. Then last night i was comming home and i go to take off from a stop sign and it is hard to get it into gear, The clutch still has good pressure but i can't get it in to gear. Plus there was a brake burning smell comming from the car.

Is my clutch out if it is where can i buy one quick and can i install it my self is it hard has anyone does this.

It is an 86 toyota Mr2 and i am getting very fed up with the car it seems like everything is going wrong. The car was red has no rust a wing a sunroof just needs a paint job and the engine runs fine so i thought i could fix it up. But now i am reconsidering. This car will probably be getting sold.
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It sounds like your clutch was being burned out. I wish I could help with more info but the smell you are talking about is most likely a clutch smell...

I wouldn't give up on your ride by the way, if everything else about it is solid.
Yea my ride is solid but it is just too much work for me and i just need a cheap dependable ride like a honda to get me around when i am at college.
Have you tried Bleeding your clutch lines. They Could be backed up with air and that could be why there is no pressure
Ok tonight i got the transaxel out of the car and the clutch is fryed there are no pads left on it! Just dust everywhere. The transaxel was a B!#ch to get out but its outa there. I called around and a clutch kit at AutoZone is only 100 bucks for the clutch, pressure plate, through out bering, and alginment tool.
so i am going there tommorow to get it. Hope fully i will get it in by tommorow night because i leave on thur and i really want to take a car with me so i have something to drive around. If i get the car running i will probably sell it while i am in college in the fall. I am sorry guys the mr2 is a good car but just too much work for me.
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