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Re: On Topic for once: New car in the family stable

On Sun, 7 Jan 2007 22:45:08 -0600, "Ray O"
<rokigawaATtristarassociatesDOTcom> wrote:

>"n5hsr" <[email protected]> wrote in message
>news:[email protected]
>> The old 93 has been getting increaingly less road-worthy of late, she's
>> started losing radiator juice as well as oil in the last week. Well at
>> 230, 264 miles, I've parked her for good. She's served the family for
>> over 12 years and 204,000 miles, but it's time to replace her.
>> I spotted a '95 AE04B on Ebay locally with only 98,000 miles at a local
>> dealer. The reserve was $3000, and the bidding had only made it to 1325.
>> I went to the dealer to look at it. He tried telling me the Kelly Blue
>> Book was over $4000 for the car, but that was in excelent condition. It's
>> been hit on the front bumper. New paint and grill and one headlight and
>> new plastic between the headlights and the front radiator. Also there is
>> a bit of bondo in the trunk right well, which is not uncommon for a
>> Corolla of that age. So it's not in excellent condition, but it's in good
>> condition.
>> I did manage to talk him down a good bit. Drove the new car home tonight.
>> Got to get a new sticky velcro pad for the I-pass.
>> --
>> Charles of Schaumburg.
>> Sad that we finally had to retire Old Blue, but glad that we got a good
>> replacement. She's mechanically sound, runs good, and we got a good
>> price.

>Congrats on the new ride!
>I also changed cars last week, and contrary to what Mike Hunt thinks, did
>not have to get signatures on the title notarized or sign in front of some

Interesting!! What state do you live in Ray?


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