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Re: OT: Fired US Attorneys

On Mar 16, 12:03 am, "Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute"
<[email protected]> wrote:
> In messagenews:[email protected],
> AnneCoultersAdamsApple sprach forth the following:
> > But, and this is a crucial "but", Clinton's replacements were
> > interviewed under oath and approved by congress.

> Now there's a knee-slapper - using "Clinton" and "under oath" in the same
> sentence.
> > But I think you love the republican party more than you love the US
> > constitution.

> I'm a Libertarian, dumbfuck.

So you don't know about the little law placed (sneaked) into the
Patriot Act by a "republican" congress that allows the president to
appoint US Attorneys without Congress' approval? Too bad. Whenever
one of you Bush defenders ignores the main point of a post we know we
cracked your true believer exo-skeleton.

If you are a Libertarian why are you so complicit with the Neo-Cons
creating a unitary president which is essentially rule by a single
person? Are Libertarians against the constitution, 3 parts of the
government with independence and checks and balances, with shared
power? I don't remember that from my own dabbling with being a

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