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Re: OT: What no comments on Bush's new iraq Plan?

ToMh wrote:
> I'm supporting the Pres this time. First time I felt that they are
> being upfront about things and are finally willing to admit mistakes
> and change the course. We can't let Iraq slip into Iranian and Syrian
> control.
> Having Iran control the 2nd largest oil reserve would be devastating.
> Even though I feel they probably screwed it up beyond repair, we should
> support this last effort.
> They need to have more troops to be able to actually keep the
> insurgents out. The way it's been is just like VietNam. They chase the
> enemy away, then move on, only to have them come right back. The other
> thing they need to do is to actually build back up the infrustructure,
> so that people can have services, safety and not feel the need to join
> these millitias for protection.

To Busy watching the real news, Rosie, Barbra, and Donald.
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