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Re: {OT} What no comments on Bush's new iraq Plan?

Jeff Strickland wrote:

> "ToMh" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> news:[email protected]
> > I'm supporting the Pres this time. First time I felt that they are
> > being upfront about things and are finally willing to admit mistakes
> > and change the course. We can't let Iraq slip into Iranian and
> > Syrian control.
> > Having Iran control the 2nd largest oil reserve would be
> > devastating. Even though I feel they probably screwed it up beyond
> > repair, we should support this last effort.
> >
> > They need to have more troops to be able to actually keep the
> > insurgents out. The way it's been is just like VietNam. They chase
> > the enemy away, then move on, only to have them come right back.
> > The other thing they need to do is to actually build back up the
> > infrustructure, so that people can have services, safety and not
> > feel the need to join these millitias for protection.
> >

> The irony is that we had even more troops in Iraq, and the Dems were
> so annoyed with this that we had to bring some of the troops home.
> NOW, the Dems bitch that we can't do the job correctly, but when the
> Prez wants to remedy this by upping the troop count, the Dems bitch
> even louder, and threaten a move to cut off funds.

Merely partisan politics. If it's their idea it's good. If it's
President Bush's idea it's bad.
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