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Re: Phillip: regarding Corolla 3 speed auto

"Spec" <[email protected]'> wrote in message news:[email protected]
> I'm looking to buy a 92 Corolla that apparently has this transmission.
> Is there any way to know during a test drive if this transmission is
> heading toward oblivion?
> Has 118,000 miles

Is the transmission fluid a healthy red color?

DO take the car to a lube shop and have the differential oil level verified.
The inspection plug is on the large aluminum plate covering the differential
gears cover, facing the fire wall. Check for fluid condition and fluid

Shift quality should be firm Park to Drive. A little bit firmer Park to
Reverse. Also, pay close attention to any transmission pump buzzing the
occurs when shifted to Reverse. Listen under the hood to the transmission.
Buzzing indicates fluid ariation and/or worn hydraulic pump.

In Drive, the 1-2 shift should be firm and quick. The 2-3 shift should be a
little softer but still quick.

Once in 3rd and at 40 mph on quiet level road, lightly (1/4 throttle)
accelerate in 3rd to 50 mph. At 45 mph, you should be able to detect the
torque converter lockup. The sensation will be like a subtle gear shift
occompanied by a slight reduction in RPM. Listen carefully to the engine.
A131L automatics do not have electronic imput affecting the torque convertor
lockup. Also, these transmissions do not unlock the torque convertor when
you let off the throttle. The only condition that makes the torque
convertor unlock is: Forced 3-2 downshift above 45 mph or vehicle speed
below 45 mph in 3rd gear.

- Philip
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