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Re: Rav4 Auto Dimming Mirror Question

With Compass its $238.

"netrunner" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Hi ..I have a brand new, leftover 05 Rav4 L that I'd like to add an OEM
> auto dimming rear view mirror option to. I've already asked this group
> last week if it would be easy to install and you let me know that I could
> easily do it myself. Soo ..I'm about to order the OEM part (about $200)
> but before I do ..
> Can any of you tell me if the Rav4 auto dimming mirror generally works as
> well as I expect it well. I've heard that certain "GM" auto dimmers are
> not all they're cracked up to be ..but I have a Toyota ..and have had 7 of
> them in a row. I just expect more from Toyota.
> I'm going on 60 (gracefully) and can use all the night advantage I can get
> ..and hope you'll let me know if the Rav4 auto dimming mirror will
> generally perform as well as I think it might. Thanks Ray
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