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Re: Rav4 spare tire

"Ray O" <rokigawaATtristarassociatesDOTcom> wrote in message
news:[email protected].
> "Dennis Leong" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> news:[email protected]
>> My 2006 RAV4 spare tire has a steel rim instead of the OEM styled alloy
>> wheels on the car. Did Toyota do this on purpose or is this a mistake?
>> Thank you.

> On Toyota's web site, it shows that the Rav4 Base and
> Limited models with 16 and 17 inch alloy wheels have a steel wheel for the
> spare, while the Sport model with 18 inch alloy wheels gets an alloy wheel
> for the spare.
> --
> Ray O

I hate it when companies do this. Ford and Nissan have both done this to me.
It is not so much that I want to rotate five tires (I don't), but it would
be really nice to have a true spare that I could leave installed on the car
if one of the original 4 on the ground tires is damaged beyond salvage. The
last time this happened, I had to pay to have the spare tire switched from
the "steel" spare tire rim to the alloy "ground" tire rim. At least in that
case, the spare tire was actually the same type. I have had vehicles where
the spare, although of the same size, was actually a different "type" of

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