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Re: SLOW windows on 96 Landcruiser

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Re: SLOW windows on 96 Landcruiser

In article <BE3B86BD.2BE0%[email protected]>,
Jeff Olsen <[email protected]> wrote:

> in article [email protected], BT at
> [email protected] wrote on 2/17/05 1:19 PM:
> > In article <[email protected]>,
> > "Mike" <[email protected]> wrote:
> >
> >>> "Bonny Lynn T" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> >>> news:[email protected]
> >>>> Our 1996 Landcruiser has electric windows that move very slowly.
> >>>> Sometimes we wonder if they will close! Is this normal in Landcruisers
> >>>> or do we have some loss of electrical power to the window motors?
> >>>> Thank you.

> They are real fast on the '95 I just bought.... I'd say you have some sort
> of problem, but I'd guess since it's all of them doing it the fix will be
> pretty simple.
> Do you like the truck other than that? I just bought this super-clean,
> low-miles '95 and so far I love the thing.
> -jeff

Slow windows? It was suggested to me to try silicone spray - I picked a
can up at Pep Boys and sprayed the silicone into the window guides -
this did the trick. Window works fine now. Try the silicone.
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