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Re: Thumwheel Dimmer impossible to see at night

You _should_ be able to locate this dial easily. It doesn't move about the
cabin, so once you find it, it will always be in the same place. Mine was to
the immediate left of the steering column, and was easy to use in the dark.

"W Gordon" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Maybe it's only my '05 4-Runner but of all the interior lights the one I
> miss the most, and could use the most, is a marker to locate the dashboard
> dimmer thumb wheel switch. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find
> the dimmer thumb wheel in pitch blackness. Is this simply a problem with
> my truck/has Toyota been made aware of it and maybe if so has a ready-made
> fix.
> Thanks for any and all advice.
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