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Re: Wagner ThermoQuiet Pads for 99 Camry?!

I've used and liked Akebono ProAct ceramic pads. Excellent stuff for
normal driving (any faster you go carbon metallic like Raybestos STS).
Akebono makes brake pads for Toyota's Lexus line. The Toyota line gets
them occasionally but mostly the cheap NBK pads (and who knows what
else these days) that glaze and fade much more easily.

Worked well with ~$15 Raybestos Raymold rotors. Check current prices

[email protected] wrote:
> Anyone has any experience with these pads? When I bought my 99 Camry,
> in 2001, it came with cheap after-market pads and I had those replace
> for OEM ones because they made weird noises when going slowly and
> braking. 5 years later the OEM pads are still good and quiet, but soon
> it's time to get em replaced. I will probably not get the OEM rotors,
> but thinking of Wagner rotors and Wagner pads?! The OEM pads would be
> only $20- more, so no biggy on the wallet. I just don't want noisy
> brakes and heard and read many positive articles about these, new
> Thermo pads by Wagner...
> John
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