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Re: What no comments on Bush's new iraq Plan?

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Re: What no comments on Bush's new iraq Plan?

"ToMh" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> I'm supporting the Pres this time. First time I felt that they are
> being upfront about things and are finally willing to admit mistakes
> and change the course. We can't let Iraq slip into Iranian and Syrian
> control.
> Having Iran control the 2nd largest oil reserve would be devastating.
> Even though I feel they probably screwed it up beyond repair, we should
> support this last effort.
> They need to have more troops to be able to actually keep the
> insurgents out. The way it's been is just like VietNam. They chase the
> enemy away, then move on, only to have them come right back. The other
> thing they need to do is to actually build back up the infrustructure,
> so that people can have services, safety and not feel the need to join
> these millitias for protection.

The fact that he actually admitted it's a mess is a step in the right
direction - albeit way too late. I don't know if 20K more troops will
actually help, though. Seems like more of an internal (Iraqi) political
mess (a huge one) than something that can be cleaned up with more of our


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