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Re: Where's The Water Going? (Addendum)

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Re: Where's The Water Going? (Addendum)

Jerry wrote:

> In article <ww%[email protected]>,
> [email protected] says...
>>My '87 22R is guzzling water. It isn't leaking onto the ground and it
>>doesn't appear to be going into the oil. It will take a quart of water
>>about every 20-25 miles. I'm absolutely NOT a mechanic but my guess is
>>that it has a blown head gasket.
>>Anybody confirm this or should I be looking for some other problem?
>>Any help will be appreciated.

> Today, my neighbor told me that if my problem is in fact a blown head
> gasket, that I would probably find that there is water in one or more of
> the cylinders so I pulled out the spark plugs and found no trace of water
> being there or having been there.
> What test(s) should I perform that would confirm a blown head gasket. Is
> there a link that I can go to that will explain exactly what I need to do
> to determine the problem and a step-by-step instruction set that will
> explain exactly how to R & R the head if that's what I need to do?
> If it's not a blown head gasket, what else could it be?
> As said earlier, "Any help will be appreciated."
> Thanks again.
> Jerry

I waited until the engine was cooled down (over night), then removed the
radiator cap and filled it with water (I didn't top it up, just filled
it about a half inch below the top). I then started it up and let it
warm up. I could smell exhaust gas coming from the open radiator cap,
along with bubbles in the coolant.

The first time it happened, I had let it sit for a few days before
taking it to the garage. Having been a mechanic in another life, I knew
that water likely leaked into at least one of the cylinders, so I
removed all four spark plugs and cranked the engine over. Water squirted
out of #3 cylinder like it was coming out of a garden hose! I then
reinstalled the plugs and steamed my way to the garage... :>))

By the way, if you have the gasket done by a garage, take your own spark
plugs with you and have them install them. The garage I took mine to
sold me a set of Autolite spark plugs, the same ones I use, for $6.75
each! Good grief, I could have bought two sets for that kind of money
and had change to spare!!!
Tom - Vista, CA
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