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*WARNING* - I nor ToyotaNation or any of the members who provided DIY/Tutorials are responsible for any damages caused to your vehicle when following the information provided.

This thread will be updated with information as more DIY's and such become available. When making a DIY, please try and upload your images to somewhere like Imageshack to prevent loss of the pictures as a lot of DIY threads are riddled with missing image links.

If I missed anybody's DIY, just post up here and I'll add it. :thumbsup:

For any reference, here is a link to the Gen5/Gen6 Lighting/DIY thread.

If you're looking for part numbers, or just parts in general, you can visit Toyota's official parts website to see prices and available parts at your nearest dealer:

Sylvania Lightbulb Guide - Gen7
HID Info - Gen5/6/7 **Note that this thread is in the gen5/6 forum. Most info posted there applies to the gen7 as the gen6/7 use the same bulbs. I suggest searching this part of the forum if you need more info on HIDs.
LED DRLs: Southeast Toyota DRL Part #: 00016-32280. This isn't an official Toyota part, it's a Southeast Toyota part.

DIY: Headlight removal - Gen7
DIY: Stick-On Front License Plate Mount - Gen7
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DIY: Foot well lighting - Gen7
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Performance Modifications
DIY and Performance options for the 7th Gen 4 cyl and V6 models.

2012+ Camrys require H11 bulbs. To install HID bulbs into your stock headlights, you will need H11 bulbs and ballasts. I would recommend purchasing higher quality bulbs and ballasts from TN's vendor, Xenon Depot. Install guides are posted on their websites and are very straightforward.

Due to the light output of HIDs, the glare in the 2012+ stock halogen projectors is increased over halogen bulbs. Covering up the squirrel spotters is significantly harder in these headlights due to being permasealed (though recommended to reduce glare), which also makes retrofitting other OEM projectors DESIGNED for HID bulb use harder. Also, please do not place HIDs in your fogs. They produce way too much glare and blind other drivers no matter what anyone says. HIDs in your high beams are also useless as you lose the ability to flash other drivers, and the warmup time for them is just not worth it. Currently, there are no HID projectors that drop right into the 2012+ housing. If this changes, this thread will surely be updated for those who want a superior lighting upgrade versus PnP kits.

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Thread updated with HID info. Anyone is welcome to post any other DIYs here so I may add them to the list, or any other info.
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