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As common problems or common questions tend to show up in the 3rd gen, this thread will be a collection of links to various threads. The point is to make it easy for somebody to join and easily be able to see the more common issues or questions for the 3rd gen.
Commonly Asked Questions
Headlight Comparison - Halogen, HID, LED
How to Remove Clear Protection Film/Vinyl
How to Adjust Headlight Beam
How to Set the Power Tailgate Memory Height
Oil Maintenance Light: How To Reset It

Base Non-Nav Radio Pinout
How to Access Interior Light Bulbs for Replacement
How to Adjust Navigation System Volume
How to Get All your mp3s to Show Up On The Radio

How does the AWD system work?
Tow Prep Package: Specs, How to Identify it, Tow Ratings
TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Set Button Location

Entune: Got an issue with this system? Post it to this thread.
General Process to Procure New Smart Keys (Not From a Dealer)
How the Pre-Collision Brake System, Lane Departure Alert, and Automatic High Beam systems operate
Possible OEM Part Retailers
Pre-Collision Warning Button...Where Is It?
Prices Paid for New Highlanders
Techstream Editable Options
Unidentified noise: pump-compressor, Strange Humming Noise Under Car While Off

Common Problems/Issues
Exterior Issues
Rear Suspension Squeaking
Interior Issues
AC Takes A Long Time to Work on Startup
Entune - General Question/Issue Thread
Powertrain Issues
Engine/Exhaust Droning

Misc. Issues
Misc Problems/Issues Thread

Factory service manuals, where can I buy them? There are many out there, but here's a good one Faxon Auto Literature that you can purchase FSMs from online.

If anybody has a suggest for a thread that that should be in this thread that is not, PM me :thumbsup:
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Not open for further replies.