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For new members to Toyota Nation I'd like to recommend a few things to make your search for information on these forums faster and easier.

My biggest suggestion is when looking for maintenance, modification, TSB, recall, or common problems associated with your model Toyota, look first at the top of any model's forum page and you'll typically see DIY "sticky threads" highlighted in blue. Chances are what you are searching for has been covered before in these sticky threads.

Next I'd recommend using the Google Custom Search window located at the upper left of any Toyota Nation forum page. This search tool will return more relevant results than the generic search tool that can be found on any model forum page. Also, try to keep your search strings simple in order to return more accurate results.

Another good suggestion is to learn some of the acronyms commonly used by forum members. The most common acronyms you'll encounter and what they stand for are: BTW -- By The Way; PM -- Private Message; FSM -- Factory Service Manual; FWIW -- For What It's Worth; FYI -- For Your Information; IIRC -- If I Remember Correctly; IMO/IMHO -- In My Opinion/In My Humble Opinion; OEM -- Original Equipment Manufacturer; WTF -- What The F**k!. For a list of acronyms either specific to Toyota vehicles (like trucks) or simply less commonly used terms please scroll down in this thread to view them.

Lastly, if you have trouble with any aspect of Toyota Nation, such as difficulty posting pictures or you can't figure out where something is like your User Control Panel, please contact a TN staff member who will be glad to lend you a hand.

Thank you, and enjoy the forums! :thumbsup:

Additional acronyms or terms for new users:

AAL -- Add A Leaf

ABS -- Antilock Braking System

AFAIK -- As Far As I Know

AFM -- Air Flow Meter (similar to the MAF, but not the same)

ARB -- Makers of aftermarket 4x4 accessories, including air locking differentials, bumpers, sliders, and more

BHLM -- Black Headlight Mod

Billies -- Bilstein Shocks

BOHICA -- Bend Over Here It Comes Again

CAI -- Cold Air Intake

CO -- Coil Overs
DD -- Daily Driver
Deaver -- Maker of aftermarket leaf springs

DO -- Demello Offroad, makers of aftermarket off-roading products

DOHC -- Dual Overhead Cam

DRL / DTRL -- Daytime Running Lights

E-locker -- Electronic Locking Differential

FTW -- For The Win

FTMFW -- For The MotherF***ing Win (a crude yet humorous expansion of FTW....:lol:)

FUBAR F'd Up Beyond All Recognition

IFS -- Independent Front Suspension

KC -- Aftermarket automotive light manufacturer

HID -- High-Intensity Discharge (very bright, low-wattage lights)

IMHO -- In My Humble Opinion

LOL / LMAO (also ROFL / ROFLMAO) -- Laughing Out Loud / Laughing My A** Off / Rolling On The Floor Laughing / Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off

LSD -- Limited Slip Differential
MAF -- Mass Air Flow sensor

NSFW -- Not Safe For Work (thread may contain nudity or other themes you wouldn't want to have on screen with a co-worker or family member nearby)

OBD/OBD II -- On-Board Diagnostics (a port in the vehicle which you can plug in a device to read diagnostic and engine codes)

OME -- Old Man Emu (a brand of truck suspension systems that gets its name from the emu, a large Australian bird whose body remains motionless when it runs because its legs absorb all of the shock)

PIAA -- Aftermarket automotive light manufacturer

PITA -- Pain In The A**

RTFM -- Read The F***ing Manual!

SAS -- Solid Axle Swap

Shims -- Aluminum or steel wedges used to correct drive line angles, installed under the rear leaf springs

Toytec -- Maker of aftermarket suspension systems and Toyota truck lift kits

TRD -- Toyota Racing Development (a division of Toyota that sells aftermarket performance accessories)

TSB -- Technical Service Bulletin

UCA -- Upper Control Arms

URD -- Underdog Racing Development (makers of various performance aftermarket auto parts)

YAGTG -- You Are Good To Go
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