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Here is a sticky with links to the various DIY projects we have going here...they're specified as being general, Gen 1 related or Gen 2 related! Best of luck with your DIYs! Thank you to all the creators of these DIYs (especially Doctor J and The Camry Man) is because of you that these are a possibility! And remember, we assume no responsibility for your mistakes :lol: Enjoy!

Gen 1:

'91 Camry Heater Core Removal
Gen1 Lowering springs

Gen 2:

Engine Maintenance and Repair:

3S-FE Engine Repair/Swap......Thanks to Doctor J for providing this link with many useful pictures and supplemental repair instructions.
A/C Troubleshooting......Thanks to Camry Man!
Starter Relay - No crank, no click
3S-FE I4 Timing Belt Change
2VZ-FE V6 Timing Belt Change
V6 Timing Belt Replacement (pics missing)
How To Find Oil Leaks
New Plugs, Wires, Tube Seals, and Thread Sealant (pics missing)
OBD1 monitor/data reader

Climate Controls and Dashboard Instrumentation:

Blower motor resistor pack
LE Electronic Heater Control Fix
Windshield washer spray nozzle swap

Exterior Maintenance and Repair

Sun Roof Repair

Interior Maintenance and Repair:

Headlight Buzzer / Bell/
Seat Belt Repair

Miscellaneous Stuff:

LED lighting conversion guide
Gen 2: Camry Crew Sign-In
Interference Engines & Timing Belt Replacement Recommendations from


A140 transmission repair
Cleaning the neutral safety switch


Remote trunk release
Keyless entry/alarm installation

If i have missed any or you have a DIY to add to thelist, please feel free to PM one of the mods, supermods, or admins ....just make sure you describe the DIY so we know what the link is for! :lol:

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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