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The following are links to earlier threads or external links that address the most common DIY jobs for the RAV4. It would also be a good idea for any person doing DIY work to purchase a Haynes or Chilton manual that will answer many common repair questions.

Many thanks go out to those who took the time to create these DIY threads. And other members are invited to create new ones.

If there are any broken links, or other threads you think should be considered for inclusion then PM me with the document, photos, or thread name and link. Thanks, and don't forget to check back occasionally for updates to this thread.


Motor Mounts Replacement

Brakes & Drivetrain

Rear wheel bearing replacement

Front brake dust shield replacement


Replacing broken gas tank heat shield

How To Replace A Rotor *Many thanks to bitemein for providing us with this video!....

Interior, lighting, electronics, smart keys

Climate Control Bulbs Change

Cabin air filter change

Adding DRLs to turn signals

Other reference links:

Toyota's Technical Information System contains all of the product support information necessary to maintain, diagnose, and repair your RAV4. TIS is offered on a subscription basis, so see the site for more information. Special thanks to summerwind for providing these maintenance links and documents!

Toyota Parts East may not have guaranteed lowest prices, but what their parts site does have is an excellent listing of schematics, part numbers, and pricing when you search for parts. :thumbsup:

AboutAutomobile is a great web site for finding out information on your vehicle, such as TSBs, safety recalls, consumer complaints, and much more! A site worth checking out. Special thanks goes to IBME for recommending this web site.

ToyoDIY Parts Reference provides parts information for any model of Toyota. It provides helpful, detailed information when ordering parts and is based on searching via your VIN number or frame number.

Free Car Fault Codes Do you have a fault code that you'd like to find out what it means? Here's a free and easy to use web site that offers explanations about fault codes for most vehicles. You can also click on this link to view a list of OBD-II trouble codes.

Vehicle Bolt Pattern and Offset Reference

Tire Size Calculator Great when seeking information for what happens when you change tire size.

Does your vehicle have an interference engine? Click here to check whether your RAV4 (or other vehicles) have an interference engine. Just plug in your vehicle information and the "Comments" section in the results will tell you if it's an interference type, plus supply you with other pertinent information regarding replacing your timing belt/chain.

Toyota Guide If you have questions about some of the features on your RAV4 then this site can help you with basic features like the key/fob, instruments, or controls. Toyota Guide has video demonstrations and interactive links that can answer some of the questions we owners may have. Please note that you do have to register with this site in order to gain access to its features.

Toyota Reference: A Collection of Vehicle History and Specifications The title says it all. Whether it's your RAV4 or other Toyota, this reference provides convenient information that can help with modifications and maintenance.

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