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BMR's edit: If you know of any other Gen1 Avalon DIY threads that should be listed here, please PM me or another moderator/admin with a link to it. Also, if you're inclined to make one that doesn't already exist, please do!

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Toyota has a kit to update/repair the harness and connector at the knock sensors on the 1MZ. This assembly is a beefed up version of the one that shipped on the vehicle. Currently I am a lube tech at a Toyota dealer, and stumbled into this while fixing a car my fiance bought. A master tech (20+ years exp) next to me warned me to replace them when I had access to them, but parts would take a day and I didn't want to extend my time on the car, so I was really careful with them instead. Nope, if you disturb or even have access to these wires at all during a job, and they are the originals, the general rule at our dealership is to offer to replace them. A slight breeze across their fragile copper bones is often enough generate knock sensor codes, after the fact, I just found this to be true; believe me, I was very gentle on these wires! Replace them if you touch them at all. Now I have to take the intake off again, and I will be crossing my fingers that 1) the new intake gaskets don't need to be replaced 2) Two Gallons of 'Toyota Red Coolant' don't spill or become contaminated 3) The knock sensors may be broken (not likely) which would have known by just doing this in the first place! And most importantly, I'll be finishing this at my house because 4) Embarrassment of not taking good advise from a respected mentor technician should he find out!

For our California Emission, 1999 Avalon XL, with the 1MZ-FE engine, The part number is "82219-07010", Description: "Wire, SE121" and list is $37.95. CHANGE TO THIS PART IF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO IT ON YOUR 1MZ-FE ENGINE! :eek:wnedsmas

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A master tech (20+ years exp) next to me warned me to replace them when I had access to them...
Excellent advice. I just replaced knock sensors and that cable on my Camry, and the cable connectors at the knock sensors crumbled like egg shells when I tried to disconnect them. I guess ~20 years of heat & fumes took its toll.

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