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Hey everyone, i am new to the forums on this page. I had to join, because today i saw the coolest thing on a 2007 tundra. The guy had a light up toyota symbol on his grill, i was just wondering if this could be bought somewhere, or he had to customize for that. If some one could let me know it'd be gladly appreciated. I am getting a new tundra in may, and i would like to know. Thanks!
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have not seen that posted on any of the forum boards yet but if i do i will post it here for ya.
p.s welcome to the board.

First off, welcome to TN:thumbup:

As trinibob mentioned, I have not seen the lit emblem either. It's possible its a custom thing or the guy bought it off of eBay (although I haven't seen any of these on there). I would just run a search and check other Tundra boards to see if the guy is a member.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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