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Wanted to share (vent) my Toyota service experience.....

I bought a 2012 Camry Hybrid LE about 3 weeks ago. Part of the deal was installation of Rear Bumper applique' and Nitrogen tire service.

The Rear Bumper applique' had to be ordered, so when it came in I made a 20 mile trip to the dealer. After 3 hours, they said it was ready! I went out and could not believe my eyes! They installed it right in the middle of the bumper (not left to right) - in the middle top to bottom!! The service manager came out and shook his head in disgust. After 45 minutes, it was removed.

Made another trip today to have the replacement installed. After 3 hours, they came out and said it had to many bubbles in in and needed to order another one. During this trip, I also asked them to remove the center overhead console (where the lights and sunglasses holder is). I had ordered a homelink mirror from them and negotiated a price match of another dealer $168 ($175 with taxes).

While I was waiting the sales manager saw me and asked why I was still there, and I explained what had happened. I was holding the box to my new mirror and he asked, what was in the box and I told him. After a few minutes, he called me to the parts counter and told me they were giving me the mirror for all the trouble.

After abut 45 minutes they told me the car was ready and they wanted me to come back after the weekend to have another Rear Bumper applique' installed. This time they were getting me a rental.

So, I get in the car and the center console is down, but the headliner is all scuffed up and the console has scratch marks and is bent/warped. I get the service manager to look at what was done and she informed me that what the tech had done was unacceptable and a new entire headliner, console and whatever else would be ordered and replaced when I brought the car back for the Rear Bumper applique'.

A little note about the nitrogen. I was concerned about a little less than advertised MPG and the tires looked a little low. I measured the pressure and all were set to 32 psi ( 3 pounds below what they were supposed to be) - so yet another trip back to have this corrected!!

So, really about the only good thing to come out of this was the free mirror. I am a little nervous about them removing my entire brand new headliner - based on my experience so far.

Another positive note - on my part, the mirror was plug-n-play! I had the old mirror out and the new mirror installed in less than 5 mins.

Note to those who need to pull the console. It is up there very tight. Grab the corners - not the center! Make sure your hands are clean. This is all in the Toyota service guide. I guess the tech did not bother to read this!

These are the instructions for installation:

Now pictures of my brand new mangled console/headliner/visors :-(

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Cannot imagine what the tech used to take out the console, looks llike he used a pry bar. At least the dealer is stepping up to make it right for you but I know this is a hassle as most of us have better things to do with out time. I just ordered the Homelink mirror from a dealer is SC, so thanks for the heads up about the headliner and clean hands. If it were me, I would take a handful of latex gloves to the dealer when it is time to install the new headliner and ask that they be given to the tech before installing the new headliner. They should get the message.

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That's just terrible service... Are they using trained chimps as techs? The smudges could very likely be removed successfully but the scratches and warped plastic are completely unacceptable.

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