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Rear bumper guard w/trailer hitch?

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I'm trying to determine if the rear bumber guards for the Highlander that you can get interfer with either the factory or aftermarket trailer hitches. I'm guessing they probably bolt up to the same holes so I wanted to see if anybodyhad tryed this before I drop $200 on one that isn't going to work.
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I had the same debate before I went ahead and purchased the tow hitch, installed it , and you know what, for the rear bumper protection, I purchased a good bike rack that folds down when not in use, it is absolutely doing the thing what a rear bumper guard do ( it also protecting the upper part of the rear of the vehicle too, and also looks more sporty and can also carry bikes, then again you also have yourself a tow hitch for other purpose. That what I came up with when deciding to put a rear bumper guard or not.
Yea I've already got the trailer hitch and a bike rack but keeping it on all the time really isn't an option. My wife has a knack for getting rearended for some reason and the one we had on our 4Runner probably saved her a half dozen times from having to get any body work done or the rear end replaced.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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