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Rear bumper protector

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I need some ideas for a bumper protector, I have a lot of vinyl carpet material at home and just need to know what kind of glue can be used without damaging the paint

I was also thinking of putting those self-adhesive semi transparent plastic film for windows that is sold at homedepot

the OEM bumper protector from the dealer here in Canada is around $100, that is kind of expensive for a piece of plastic

image from toyotapartsstore:
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go to any window tinting shop and ask them to do a 3M firm for you. it is gonna be cheaper than $100 and for sure won't damage your paint
about the 3M film or any self-adhesive film, will the glue resist weather (heat, rain and snow)?
I use "Trimbrite Clear Bodyguard" as rear bumper protector. Got a roll 5 1/2" X 12 ' X 3.5mm. Trim, cut and install as other tint film. Works great. Not conspicuous. Installed since June '08

where can I buy the Trimbrite Clear Bodyguard?

where can I buy the Trimbrite Clear Bodyguard?
I got mine from a Liquidation Center in Vancouver. You can get it from Canadian Tire.
I'm waiting for the weather to warm up so I can put it on the side skirtings below the doors. I was afraid it'd peel or discolour but it held up good.

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I found these at the local ACE HARDWARE at $7.99 per, 2pcs for rear bumper of '08 Corolla. I did not butt together the separate pieces as to have a slight space for channeling water and debris that may accumulate below the the trunk lip & bumper. No issues since installing Jun '08!
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