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Rear differential rebuild question

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I have a 1995 T100 DLX 4x4 V6 and want to go to a detroit locker in the back. Where can I get a differential rebuild kit and is there a difference in the kit when i go to from open to locker?
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i wouldnt do a detriot locker they can tear stuff up during turns cause it locks when you give power to it and a lot of people give power towards the end of a turn so i would go for a locker switch and if your truck is a 4x4 it should have a limited slip not an open.
What are you wanting this for?? I have done pretty extensive research in this even though I don't have any personal experience "yet". But I'm sure I would have some recommendations if you can tell me what you want it for. Because There are a-lot of options out there other than just full lockers and limited slip.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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