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rear disk conversion

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hey guys, i just finished doing a rear disk conversion on terry's (rapeacivic) car. i got a few pics for ya

i would have done a diy for it...but terry decided it would be cool for us to go to walmart and leave my crappy digital camera on the bumper. hopefully i find it before the hurricane comes tomorrow.

if i do, ill post some more pics and explain the whole process. it wasnt that hard, in a shop, it would have been maybe an hour job. either way, that thing stops on a dime.

if you guys got any questions, feel free to pm me and ill hook you up with some know how.
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lol tell mother nature to stop sending hurricanes down here. my truck looks like crap, and the interior of the celica is turning into a swampland

terry says bite him :dunno: :disappoin
dang man, good job on the rear disk conversion....i'm planning to do that with my dad if hes willing to help me out with it :D

2 thumbs up my friend... :thumbup: :thumbup:

p.s. how much did u guys paid for all the parts you needed and how long did the process take??? :confused:
it took me about 4 hours to do both it. thats in my driveway. take it down to about 2 if its in a shop with air tools.

terry paid 200 bucks for the car. 94 camry xle. everything works but the engine and thats going in my 88 celica
Looks great. I keep wanting to do mine, but the parts are being a pain to find (granted I am not looking too hard). Good luck dodging the rain, it looks like you're getting hammered down there.
Yeah we kept getting rained on while we were doing the conversation:mad:
lol not a drop in tampa bay ... i just wonder how the parking brake works in the converson since the v6 brakes use 2 diffrent sets.
UfoZ8myCow said:
hmm... ask terry if he is planning on leaving the disc brakes on his car or taking them back off when he returns his car to stock... id take those and just swap in a set of powerslot rotors. whaddaya say, terry?? :D
Dude you know you have first dibs on them once I return my car to stock. I've got 1 more car show to attend after Nopi. I'm leaving in mid Nov. so I'll start returning the car to stock as soon as Nov. hits

Oh and braking is so much better now:thumbup: :thumbup: Drums suck balls. Braking now feels so:boink:
chronoti said:
lol not a drop in tampa bay ... i just wonder how the parking brake works in the converson since the v6 brakes use 2 diffrent sets.
It was pretty simple for Silverstreakin, although he had to change the brake lines and put the brake lines from the V6 Cam on my Cam
chronoti said:
lol not a drop in tampa bay ... i just wonder how the parking brake works in the converson since the v6 brakes use 2 diffrent sets.
it works just like it always has. the parking brake cables had to be changed out too due to different ends on the cable.
remember that if you change the stuff out one for one, that there isnt much difference. the biggest thing is unhooking all the suspension.

if anyone does this, do me and everyone else a favor and make sure the isnt any loads on the suspension before disassembly

if you go to a junkyard find a v6 camry of your gen. pull the entire rear brake assy. so just disconnect the strut and the 3 control arms. then take the flexible brake lines for the calipers and the parking brake cables. then just walk. i would say leave the parking brake attached to the assy. itll just be easier, unless you just like drum brakes. disassembly of drums suck bad. putting them back together sucks worse. thats my .02
nice.. i wanna do this mod for the longest time but i just didnt have enough money.. maybe in 1 year.. :lol:
i wouldnt think the parts would be that expensive from a junkyard
terry i thought you had a v6? oh well looks good when i see you we should race my wagon versus your 4dr:lol: i kept my brakes stock looking my supra rotors are stock i figure i don't need cross drilled for now.

jonathan does your celica have awdiscs?
Nope no V6:( I4:( Oh well, and no I'm not racing your wagon:lol:
nah, my celica has front disk rear drums. i gotta find a gts to get the rear disk conversion for myself
terry: i guess that means i won:lol: j/k but it would have been nice.

jonathan: what year is it and send me a pic of the body style and i might be able to get you what you need
i have an 88 celi. any fourth gen celica gts would do for me. rear brake assy+parking brake cable+hose from hardline.
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