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Rear door wiring help

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I'm installing MES aftermarket power locks on my 2009 Yaris sedan. I have installed the front assembly with (relatively) no problems, but have run into a snag. My rear doors have no accordion rubber boot to protect my wiring since there are no power devices in the rear doors. I have searched every dealer part site that I could find and even called my local dealer with no solutions.

I really don't want to have bare wires running from the body to the door, but I don't know a good solution either. If I could order a pair of the front rubber boots (body to door), could those work? Or would they get in the way of the front doors when closed? I'm considering going to the dealership to look at a Yaris with power locks to see how the wiring runs to the door (then I might be able to find a part...). Does anyone have some pics that could help?