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Rear ended...

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I was rear ended yesterday by a Ford Crown Victoria. There doesnt seem to be any major damage. The only thing that I see are the bent bumper, and my trunk is not flush with the rest of the rear area anymore. Question I have is: is there anything I need to kinda keep on eye on? He hit me at around 10mph, but with a car as big as his, I kinda fear having any more damage that I am not seeing. This car has been maintained extremely well, but you never know in thses circumstances. Should I expect any kind of engine damage (like parts flying lose or anything like that)? Car is going for a damage estimate tomorrow, but that is mostly the cosmetic stuff.

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Valkyrie90AE92 said:
Car is going for a damage estimate tomorrow, but that is mostly the cosmetic stuff.

A good shop will look for ANY damage, not only cosmetic.
:ugh3: lol does your car look like this:eek: !!! :lol: your not the only one who gets picked on by bigger things

i ended up rpelacing the whole bumper assembly ! everything lines up good when i reinstalled but my frame got bend so their is a little gap between the bumper and the bottom of my taillight :sosad:
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So its his fault get him to pay for it. :clap:
lol yea deffinetly !! my bumper wasnt cheap !! plus you said your trunk is messed up too ? easily 300 +
AE92s are magnets for bigger things... I got "bumped" by an 18wheeler on the highway doing about 40km/h a couple of years ago, the fugger slowly creeped on me and went *bump* *bump* I was like :eek: that that fugger just hit me! :eek: The person in a car next to me was looking at me like this :eek: pointing at the truck.. I was like.. I know! I felt it! :lol:

So we pulled over and I had NO damage except for a minor streak, I kinda cut in front of him at an angle where he couldn't even see my car. He says to me.. I felt it and I thought it was my brakes! :lol: he says.. I couldn't see you at all! if you don't believe me come up to the cabin and I'll show you. So I go up, sure enough my car was parked in front of him almost a car and a half lenghts away, I could only see about a foot's worth of my hood. :eek: I'm staying away from 18 wheelers now.. specially big FORD ones. :lol:
lol Sad
I had a BMW X5 back up ontop of my hood while i was parked...because of the hood it just kept going up fartehr and she didnt even notice. 2500 in repairs brand new front quarter panel that was rusted to shit all paid for without insurance.:D

Oh and as for your problem...definatley get a mechanic to check it. When mine happened it looked all comestic shes like oh maybe a couple hundred dollars. Turns out my quarter panel buckled and frame bent. They know wat to look for with certain types of crashes, just make sure to tell them everthing that happened it will help their process out a lot more
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