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I would like to ask for assistance on an issue i have been struggling with for a couple years now.

I have a 1990 Celica GT and it has been a wonderful car except for one issue.
The bushings on the Rear Passenger side Lateral Links are blown where they are connected to the knuckle. I am going to have to take the whole assembly in to have the bolt that holds the Lateral Links in place due to corrosion. (I worked on that bolt for 8 hours one day with a snapon impact wrench and a butt load of penetrating fluid)

The problem that i have had is that i can not find replacement bushings for these lateral link bars or after market replacements. I went down to the Toyota dealer to buy both of them and was quoted around $200 USD for each.:eek:

Does anyone have a line on where to get either the bushings or the whole arm. :confused: I went to the wreaking yard and found that the bolt in that knuckle freezes often and i don't want to buy the entire rear assembly and have that bolt removed.
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