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I was readin the previous post about the rear lockers, and was cerious
what locker would work best Wit my 1991 2wd toy pickup.(rollin wit 31's)
lookin for a locker thats dependalbe, Affordable and jus plain good.
Person favorites i would like to hear about and how you'd rate them.

Thanks for your time
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I heard having a LSD is about the best way to go. Cheap...don't wear out...and does good in snow. Or, you can spend about $400 more and get an air locker or something like that. I am probably going to get an LSD when I fix my truck and buy a motorcycle.
What kind of driving do you do?

If its more of a street truck, then go with a LSD. It will be a little price since you will need to get the gears re-set.

If its more of an off-road truck, get a lockright. Automatic locker, unlocks when it needs to, CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, does not require setting the gears again.
I can get into this alot deeper but I would like to see your answer to my question first.
yah it really depends on what your plannin to do with the thing
Hmmm, 2wd, I'm guessing on-road. Get an LSD
I have a Detroit EZ Locker (not in, cause of regular driving) but I'll stand by them. Centrifugal lockers can get a little shady going around turns in the rain or snow. Not big on optional lockers(air/electric) cause lines can get cut or snagged.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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