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Rear Speaker Replacement on 2004 Camry

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I have some good 6 x 9 speakers from a previous car I owned. I have a 2004 Camry with the JBL audio system, and I have to assume the speakers I have (Pioneer 3 ways 6 x 9's) are better than the ones that came stock in the car.

My question is, how do you remove the stock speaker grilles from the rear deck? I have tried, but they do not seem to want to come off, and I don't want to damage them. Any tips on this project?
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Its an interesting question that I would like answered too. The answer is probably somewhere in the audio/video section
you can't just remove the grill. It's attached to the rear deck. You have to remove the rear seat and all the side bolsters first.

Here's roughly how you would go about it for a Gen3 and 4. It should be very similar for the Gen5.

-yank the seat up. It's held in place with three clips located at the center and on each end.
-fold down the back rest and unscrew the side bolsters
-remove plastic trim in surrounding area
-remove rear deck

word of caution, aftermkt 6x9 are not straight drop in's. You'll have to screw them in or make speaker rings.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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