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Rear Speakers..

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Anyone know what the stock size is on those rear speaker? I'm guessing they might be 5.25in but i'm not sure.. Any suggestions on what will work nice in the same housing? Thanks in advance..
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6.5" speakers for the rear

I put a set of JL Audio TR 650 cxi in mine. Sounded awesome EXCEPT the highs were so smooth and clear they over powered my fronts and brought the soundstage so it sounded like it was behind me. I added some CDT image tweeters to the A pillars to bring it back. The JL's are real nice. Much louder and clearer with much better detail than the Eclipse ones I had in prior.

I was working in installing some 5.25" in the front doors. The adaptor rings I bought showed up the day I wrecked it.
Well that sucked about your car, I thought the rears were 5.25 so I'm glad I asked. Now are you running an amp or just what the head unit provides. I'm not much up on stereo systems for cars and just want something a little nicer than the old junk speaker that I have in back. I got the Sony speakers that someone here recommended for the fronts so now I might as well replace the rears too. At least I know what to look for now.. Thanks for taking the time out to reply, I really appreciate it ..
I had multiple amps in mine. Originally 2 Kenwood 2 channel amps (I think model was 622 (60Wx2)) one for fronts, one for rears that had recently been changed to an elemental designs nine.4, and a kenwood 821 I think 2 channel 2x150w driving an original Bazooka dual bass tube. Front speakers were a set of infinity seperates with tweeters mounted high on the A pillars. It sounded great.

Fronts died over the years so when I changed them with a set of Boston Acoustic I also moved the tweeters low to get them closer to the drivers. It didn't sound as good IMO as they were to far down. That type of setup works good when you have nice drivers (6.5") and more power/ midbass than the 4" provided. I was working on fixing that and moving the tweets higher until......
Yeah, I don't want the space shuttle with all those wires and boxes just a nice sounding stereo. Can I run those speakers without the use of an amp? I installed the new sony's this evening and they sound a hell of a lot better than the old stock bardboard things that were in there. Problem now is the back speaker pop because of the difference.. Oh well, I'll just have to wait and get those JL Audio ones for the back if that's what you recommend.. Thanks.
dude get some "fostex Full Range Whizzer cones" to go in there. if you havent ever heared a good full range speaker youre missing out. if heared hundreds of coaxials and none can even touch a good FR whizzer.

car audio hammering since 1991.:naughty:

89.99 set shipped!. notice that glorious full range dispersion whizzer cone.

check these also close to the bottom the cheaper ones.. afforable also. i luv good SQ.

heres a vid of a cheaper made regular car whizzer cone. notice how much smooth the highs and vocals are without the over sateration-hurt youre ears crap treble coaxials have.

some of the factory whizzer cones compare or are better than most hi-dollar coaxials. thats pure ear candy yummys.
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If it's of any consequence I put Alpine Type-Rs 5.25" in the front door panels and 6.5"s in the rear deck. So I've done the 5.25" front door conversion. I'm running all 4 of them straight off the head unit but I think the system really could use an amp. However, it's MUCH better than the stock setup and I couldn't have been happier with the sound quality. For the price, I recommend the Type-Rs. Just my opinion.
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