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Rear Stabalizer Links from dealer?

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Ok in late '02 I got my brakes done at Mavis Discount Tire. They told me that while there were doing this they noticed that I needed all 4 struts replaced and on top of this my Rear Stabalizer Links. I had gotten the struts fixed not too long ago after they told me they needed replacing but never did anything about the links because they told me I needed to get them from a dealership. I was also told it's the links that are causing the clunking noise I hear in the back whenever I go over bumps and stuff. How much should I be expecting to pay for the links from Toyota?? Should I have Toyota replace them, Mavis (like they said they would if I got them the links) or attempt to do this myself?? Any info would be appreciated.
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$90 CAN for my 90 Celica. I need to change mine because I gotta cut them to get the strut out. Get another shop. Those thing last a long time. Also they should be on warranty. Don't know why you need new sturt on a 2 year car, unless they screw them up somehow. They last more then 10 years.
Try tightening your links 1st. I believe you'll need a 5mm allen wrench (hex key) for the jam nut and I forget the size for of the bolt, but you'll need an open-ended wrench.

If you need a new set, go through:


$90 USD was what I was told...
See above, partznet is much cheaper, although I think they're still around 60 each. Don't ask me how I know that :( Let's just say it's very easy to strip the hex key hole...

paid 91$ at the dealer for the rear one on my dads '95
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