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Rear Strut Replacement - Need advice!!

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I'm not a highly skilled mechanic, but I do know my way around cars. I have an 89 celica gt (3SFE) and I need to replace the rear struts. Do you think I could do it on my own, or is it too difficult and/or dangerous to do without skilled knowledge? My father-in-law says they're easy to replace and that you don't need a spring compressor, but I don't know if I believe him entirely. Let me know what you think and give me some advice if you can. Thanks.
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haynes manual at least. its not hard, if you know what you are doing...and yes you need a spring compressor
I don't know on the T16s but on the T18 you WILL need a compressor for the front ones.
The one way I know how to get around using a spring compressor, is getting 2-3 exhaust clamps(U clamps) and clamping them around the coils. Then you just tighten the clamps, and the spring will begin to compress. You can also get two fairly strong people to push down on the top mount, with everything in place, and get a third person to align theshock shaft, with the mount hole, and put the screw on. This is a very cheap way to do it, IF you do not have access to a spring compressor. If you have access to one, I strongly suggest you grab it, because its much faster, and very straight-forward to use. Ive personally used the exhaust clamps/three-man method and it worked fine for me.
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