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Rear Suspension Question

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I'm looking to get a full Donahoe/Deaver suspension system. Front coilovers, rear springs and all. However, the Deaver rear springs lower the payload capacity considerably from what I hear. My truck is used to haul stuff on a regular basis, so I can't really have this, but I'd like to have the ride quality of the Deavers. I looked up some other peoples setups but have a few questions about things they did. I saw one person who had the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System, and was wondering if this was the answer to my question. I just don't get how it could increase the payload but not effect my ride quality. Also, just wondering what the Donahoe Chubbys are for and what they do. Not real fluent on Off-Road terminology so I don't know what a bump shock is. Thanks in advance.
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I dont much about some of the stuff you mentioned, but have you thought OME Dakar Springs? Full leaf packs and they will be able to handle more payload alot better then the deaver springs.
Yeah, that's what I was originally lookin at, but I heard that the Deavers were a lot better ride and not as stiff. And if there was a way to get the ride quality and off-road performance of the Deavers without sacrificing payload capacity then I would like to do it.
alot of guys who have the dakars, removed one of the big overload springs. i think that may help ride wise.
You probably want to go with a Deaver 12 setup which will provide you with greater payload capacity but still give you good off-road performance. It's a good medium between the Dakars and Deaver10s. I have the Deaver10 springs and Timbren bump stops but I haven't put them to the test. The Timbren stops are to help improve the ride of the truck and to protect the springs against overloading, road shocks, and bottoming out. You go with Deaver12 plus the Timbren bumpstops for a great combo. Looks like the rest of your suspension parts are solid choices.

Oh, TacoSalad has the Deaver12 springs and he loaded his truck and off-roads as well. He had a good review of his setup in another thread.
Oh, TacoSalad has the Deaver12 springs and he loaded his truck and off-roads as well. He had a good review of his setup in another thread.
I surely do. If you don't go wheeling and want extra poyload capacity, go with Dakars. If you want a happy medium between flex/ride, and payload capacity go with Deaver 12's (I recommend the Timbrens, I have them and they are awesome). If you want the best ride and flew, but don't care about payload, go with Deaver 10's.
cant have your cake & eat it tooooo

if you want load give up ride quality

if ride quality is what you want...........get it ??????

you cant be all jakked up high enuf to walk under your truck
& carry 1/2 to 3/4 tons of work

tho you might compromise
one will give way to the other

goood luck
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Thanks everybody, I preciate the input. Do you know the difference in the amount of lift the Deaver12s give over the Deaver10s, TacoSalad, if there is any difference? Thanks again.
I've only had the Deaver 12's so I can't say for sure. The Deaver 10's are supposed to give you 1 to 1.5" of lift. I would say I got around 2.5", although I didn't measure before and after.
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