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Rear window.....different from other cases ive read

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Ok so of course my 92 rear window messed up as with every other 2nd gen. But my problem seems different than most others. One day after I turned my vehicle off, the rear window all of a sudden started going down on its own in short spurts (as if the switch was being turned on and off) eventually going down all the way, the window would then not roll up, I could hear the switch contacting the relay but nothing happened, also, I could hear the relay going haywire as if it was still trying to roll the window down. I got a new relay and installed it, did the exact same thing, I tried disconnecting all of the wires inside the tailgate and none stopped the clicking of the relay except for the main feed from the relay to the tailgate. I tried disconnecting both the tailgait switch and the inside switch to see if it was one of them stuck on forcing the window to stay down but that wasnt it. PLLLEEAASE if anyone can help in any way I am desperate I feel like I have tried everything and I dont want to pay Toyota 1000 bucks to do something that will cost them 50 bucks. It seems like the only thing it could be is the piece of wire connecting the relay to the tailgate but why would that do anything?? URG! And I live in a town where it rains constantly so I am not able to drive my yota.. and well its driving me crazy! Also if anyone knows how to get the rear window up in the meantime i would also appreciate that. Thanks and sorry for making this so long.
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Any Public Library in your area would have the Factory service manual, Haynes,Chiltons,Mitchells,Clymers, Bentley and Toyota repair books.

Free AutoZone service manuals at:

Tons of free factory service manuals for 4-Runners,etc:

Free 1985 Toyota 4-Runner & pickup Factory Service Manual: 4runner.pdf

Free 1987 Toyota 4-Runner Factory Service Manual:

Free 1988 Toyota 4-Runner & pickup Factory Service Manual:

Free 1990 Toyota 4-Runner Factory Service Manual:

Free 1993 Toyota Pickup Service Manual:

Free 1995 Toyota 4-Runner Factory Service Manual: (3VZE engine, 3 liter, V6)

Free 1996 Toyota 4-Runner Factory Service Manual:

Free 1998 Toyota 4-Runner Factory Service Manual:

Free 2002 Toyota 4-Runner Factory Service Manual:

Free 2006 Toyota 4-Runner Factory Service Manual:

Free 1996 Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual (2)(3)RZ-FE 5VZ-FE:

Free 1998-2000 Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual 5ZE-FE:

Free 2003 (years: 2001-2004) Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual (2)(3)RZ-FE 5VZ-FE:

Free 2005-2006 Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual
1GR-FE & 2TR-FE:

Free 1989 - 1995 Pickup Mitchell Service Manual:

You can download the winrar archiver from:

And The ISO file can be downloaded from: <--- Part 1 <--- Part deux

The two rar files are 90 Megabytes in size, but once unrared it is a 300 Megabyte ISO image.BTW: File will be removed automatically if there is no download for 30 days.

FSM (factory service manual) & owners manuals can be acquired in several ways:

Toyota Material Distribution Center
750 West Victoria St
Rancho Dominguez/Compton, CA 90220-5538
Ph:1-800-622-2033 (outside CA)(M-F: 7-5 PST)
Ph:1-800-443-7656 (inside CA)
Ph:1-310-818-4630 (in or outside CA)
Speak to Beverly or Deloris

1)buy a used one off e-bay
2)some Toyota dealerships may give you one or sell it for $10-20 (used) as most Toyota dealerships don't repair many old Toyotas and no longer need the service manual
3)some public libraries sell their old books as they are not in demand any longer
4)some free buy & sell classified papers, websites and bulletin boards may have some used ones for sale
5)some junk yards may have one laying around
6)some Toyota specialty garages may have one laying around and no longer use it as the vehicle may be too old and those mechanics probably have so much experience that they could publish their own factory service manual with corrections and "real world repair tips"
7)if someone has the FSM maybe they could scan all of the pages and post it on a site for all of us to download or view.

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Repairs TV's,VCR's,home/car audio out of my apartment
Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
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Wow, thats awesome thanks alot, ill defenitely look into that.
Hey Foskco I own a 95 4 runner and had the relay clicking problem and the window was compleatly unoperational I replaced 2 window master switches and replaced the switch twice also nothing worked for me...NOW the good news my window is right now fully operational and I know yours can be too...I have a site for you to check out I don't know how to put the link up but I will give you the MIRACLE site for 4 runner back look for Rear Window Cheap Tricks... I followed his instructions to a T and the info is on the money.Hope this helps GOOD LUCK

Thanks so much that is so helpful, Im gonna go through all the steps tomorrow, I still feel like Ive tried most of that though, I swear this is a completely different case than anyone else has encountered though, when your window broke could you hear like random clicking from your relay? Like as soon as I hook up the power to my relay it just starts going bizurk so you would think oh well its gotta be the relay but I just bought a new one and it does the exact same thing so something else must be making the relay go haywire. What did you end up doing to fix yours?? Thanks again for the help, I really appreciate it. P.S if you know anyone who needs a relay....heh...
Yes the clicking was a constant for about 5 mins then it would stop,as soon as the switch was turned again the clicking began for about 5 more mins.We (a friend and I) spent several hours riping the interior appart and tracing wires and doing any and all the tests we could come up with...The only results that were positive were as suggested by this site. I had to bypass the relay compleatley and get a (double pole double throw)switch,route new wires and all...As you may know the rear door system works by alternating ground and power it's a bass akwards setup and a pain in the @ss..Read the info carefully and GOOD LUCK And YES the relay clicking was a symptom.
I have the exact same symptoms with my '92 and am just wading into the mass of info on the web. First of all, how do I get the glass up in the meantime? I have the panel off and can't figure it out. Dont want to force things and break glass!
i found on another site how to manually lift the rear window until i figure out the electrical. The motor has to be physically disconnected from the window lifting mechanism. with the window down, its a b#%ch to get at the 3 bolts holding the motor on. I had to pull all the guts out of the door. Once the gear wheel on the motor is out of the way, the window will move. Move window up with door closed so the glass is in the weatherstripping and replace the motor to hold it all up. Thankfully the motor is easier to attach once the glass is up and not in the door.
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