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2015 4 Runner SR5
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Had a problem since I bought the 'Runner: the rear windshield arm was hanging too far down. it would not retract up into the spoiler, and would get in the way of the rear window from going back up. This meant I could not roll down the rear window without someone on the outside flexing the arm out while the window went up. Had some time today so fixed that.

The spoiler is a crappy design to remove. You open the rear door and pop out four round grommets to access 10mm bolts, which are the primary way to remove the spoiler. The thing is, two of those bolts are kind of deep into the door assembly, and you have to have the door somewhat up to access them. So of course a bolt will come out of the socket and there it goes - lost inside the door cavity. PITA. I am charging up my borescope so I can try to find it - my magnet tool could never find it.

Anyway, once you get the bolts out you have to pull the spoiler backwards to dislodge three tabs. Here is the other dumb design: the rear brake light wire connects up behind a second plastic trim piece that you have to use a trim tool to pop off (about 5 or 6 pop tabs). That brake light wire is so small you can't do much with the spoiler other than hold it and work to pop off that inner trim piece. Aggravating, and tied up both my hands so not pics of that.

Once that is off you have the wiper motor and related:

If you look at the wiper arm you can just make out a 10mm nut that holds the arm onto the motor. Either someone screwed up at some point in replacing the arm or got it caught on something and it pulled down a cog on the spline. I removed the arm, re-positioned it to fit snug in the stop piece, then tightened the nut back. Tested it out and it works like a charm. Wipes the grime off the window, tucks back up into the recess. Yay. Now to just find that one bolt in that door cavity...
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