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rebuilding a old mr2

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ok i jsut got a white mr2 not to long ago and i just started buying some supplys today...this rebuild is going to suck :p, anyway soory i cant post pics but the camera is being annoying but here is a list of what i need to bondo/ replace..front bumper gone need a new one, fenders can be fixed but looking for good condition ones, passenger side (whole) headlight ripped out, readr driver side quater panel big dent but may beable to push out passenger side quater panel some rust may beable to remove, both doors have under rust probly going to have to sand and redo, hood massive dent and allignment is wayy off need a new one also...why did i post this??? does anyone have any of these parts they want to sell

o ya i went to a body shop to get a price....9900$$$$$ i could get a good condition 3sgte mr2 for that... o and i got integrated headlight kit for it but if possible i would like to keep pop ups a assembly from toyota is 650$ f that :)
o ya i forgot the year it is a 1991 n/a
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