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Rebuilding EZander's wrecked truck

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A good buddy of mine, with an 07 (he floats around here form time to time) wrecked his truck last weekend.

I manage a couple bodyshops, so I thought it would be a good idea to update the repair process daily, to give everyone an idea of what it takes to repair a vehicle, and specifiacally one of our trucks.

The original estimate came out to $6207.32, the adjuster missed the need to replace the inner composite bed, so I've already got the total up to $7831.54. With that said, we will prolly forgo doing some things. The inner composite bed has some small cracks in it, insurance will pay to replace, but we can reuse it. Also the tailgate has a chip in it, the insurance is paying to repair and paint it, as well as replace all the emblems, we can just touch it up. This should leave him some money to play with.

After wreck

Bed off body, and bedside removed

Here's the crack in the composite bed, it will be cover by the pocket.

Damage to door jamb/side panel

Truck with bed off

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I have a couple questions maybe someone could help answer. We are tossing around the idea of doing glasswork's bedside, while it's in. There website isn't real specific whether the $505 is for one bedside or two. If it's for both we might go for it. Otherwise we'll prolly dump the extra money into his suspension ie(coilovers, UCA's, and rear shocks).
good catch on the broken bed.
looks like you'll be having some fun for a little while!
It says on the website that $505 is for a set of bedsides
It says on the website that $505 is for a set of bedsides
I see no mention of that price being for a set. Just has a quanity indicator.
I'm stupid, I just went the the website and read the 3rd line from the bottom. Not sure how I missed that. Thanks racer1x.
Link doesn't work for me
Inserted too many http's' its fixed now
I'm stupid, I just went the the website and read the 3rd line from the bottom. Not sure how I missed that. Thanks racer1x.

Glad I could help
I'm waiting for Zander to call me back to see if we wnats to go with the glass bedsides. Looks like after delivery the bedsides are about $750. The insurance is paying $505 for the OEM bedisde, so I really don't see why he wouldn't.
sick! you guys heard my idea! If he goes glassworks bedsides, he might wanna save up for fenders for the future.
Well, I just talked to him, and more likely then not, we are going to pass on the glass bedsides and dump the money in his suspension. Right now he is just running a Revtek spacer in the front. Prolly go with the new Fow 2.5 resi coilovers with TC UCA's. We have already put AP 3" leafs in the rear, but right now he is running the stock shocks with the toytec shock spacers. So, we will get him some new shocks in the rear, most likely foxes as well.

Makes more sense to use the money for something functional, rather then cosmetic.
aww, bedsides are functional to a if you super-hardcore bottom out, it gives more room for the tires...but then again, fox coilovers are frickin sweet so Im not gonna complain at all. While you're at it, get long travels! you're like halfway there
Truck with bed off

I'm not gonna lie, seeing the truck like that makes me think flatbeddin that bad boy would look pretty sweet. Oh well I don't blame him at all for wanting the truck to have the factory bed.

This should be a interesting thread to follow, thanks for sharing :thumbup:
There's not going to be much progress made today. We have just about all the parts in, except for the door, which is comming out fo CA and not due until tommarrow. We have to have the door to repair the right cab corner. Basically you need to hang to door, so that when you are repairing it, you make sure that everything is going to line up. We might get it on the rack later, weld some tabs to the cab corner and make some pulls to roughly bring the metal back to where it needs to be. I'll take photo's and update if that happens.
Alright, door finally showed up just a little bit ago. We will be ready to repair the cab corner first thing on Monday. Didn't get too much done today, since the door showed up so late. We did get the rear cross sill of the inner bed replaced, so we only need to paint the bedside and bolt it on. We also got the backglass removed for the repair and paint work to the cab corner.

Here is the damaged rear cross sill

not the the right side is quite bent

Here is the new cross sill installed

And finally the backglass removed

Should have the repairs complete by the end of next week. The bodywork on the cab corner will take all of monday, into tuesday. Which means we should be painting on Wednesday, then assembling Thrusday into Friday, and final clean-up.
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Sorry to hi-jack this thread. But how much do you think this dent would be to pull and then have it painted? It's rusting so it needs to be painted to. Unforunately when it happened the paint creased and peeled off right to the sheetmetal underneath. :sosad: I figured since I'm definitely getting sliders it wouldn't be a waste of money to get it fixed since it'll now be protected.

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