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Rebuilding half frame

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I have a 85 Xcab with Chevy’s in the rear, custom springs up front, spool, 35” super swampers, an exo, ext.
The back half of the frame had the typical nasty rust. I cut most of it out and plated it a bit at a time before I new how to weld but did a bad job.
So I want to cut the frame off at the back of the cab and rebuild it. I was only able to fiend one build on line that wasn’t using 4 link ware someone did this and it just didn’t seem like the best way to do it.
I’m thinking about either getting the closest to stock size squire tube and getting it bent up or using 3” pipe and bending it witch seems like the best way.
I am going to bob the box at the same time and maybe dove tail it
Has any one done this and what is the best way to connect it to the existing frame?
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How about 2" x 4" x 3/16" tube cut to the proper angles and welded together.
If you search enough you'll find pics.
Thanks for the reply
I thought there might be too much stress on it if I did that.
Are the holes cut in frames engineered to prevent stress and allow the frame to flex?
If I got the tube bent would it be unnecessary (stronger then I need)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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