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Finally getting our buildup on...

It's been a couple years for the drama to subside and the membership to come back up. I think we're doing a pretty decent job as today, we had 2 newbs show up. If we had everyone show, there would have been another 4 cars, but I'm not going to complain.

A few years ago, this chapter of the Skitotics was on the verge of death due to member disputes, drama, and a slew of other issues. A few members were asked to leave and a few left on their own. I aquired the group and for a year, let it sit to weed out anyone else not truely interested. What we were left with was myself, the 2nd in command and 3 other people.

We're now up to 9 solid members and 2 newbs with a possible 3rd newb quite quickly. The car show season is coming to an end here so there wont be any participating events till spring, but i have a feeling when we do, it will be a great turnout from the group!!

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