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My recent purchase of a 2003 Camry V6 in August has so far been a very enjoyable & uplifting driving experience; there are 2 quirks that I wonder if anyone else has experienced: a) when the auto xmission downshifts to 1st when coming to a stop & the accelerator is then pressed, the car sometimes lurches slightly; I don't know if this is the "drive by wire" accelerator system, or something to do with the xmission; the xmission fluid level appears to be normal; my mechanic seems to think that this is common in late model Camrys; b) as a 6'2" person, there is limited headroom; according to receipts left in the glove box by the previous owner, the OE cloth seats were replaced with leather seats & even though the car comes with a seat adjustment, it affords little help for tall ones; has anyone heard of any solutions to this???

Thanks in advance for your response.

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^ im 6'6''ish and with power seats i simply lower the seat as much as possible. its worked so far in a gen 3, gen 5 and my solara. i also lean the seat back a bit more than nessecary so i can see the lights at an intersections, or ill just look at the bottom set of lights on the side

ive never had a lot of trouble in fronts seats, but sitting in the back seat of the gen 5 i felt like the designers had tall people in mind, with the "trough" in the roof, so even i can sit up straight and my head just barely fits. also the front seats have been designed for more leg room for the people in back, i love it:D

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Me Too!!!

I'm also 6'2" with a relatively long torso. My 2004 SE V6 comes with a sun roof which further limits my head room. I currently lower seat as low as it will go, and as far back as is comfortable. I also drive with a laid back position to help with the head clearance.

Because of limited head room I've been contemplating some after market performance racing seats w/ Sliders.

As far as the transmission, do you mean when you manually down shift it to first??? I've experienced that lurch as you described it. I don't remember when it happens, but it does happen once in awhile. I don't mind it because I drive my car pretty hard, and a little squirly is fine with me. :lol:

I think it happens because the car is slightly engine braking, causing very high vacuum in the intake with the throttle blade sitting barely cracked open. Any opening of the throttle in that condition will cause extremely fast throttle response. It's almost like having a blower type reaction.

( FI:positive pressure in front of throttle blade = Engine braking:Negative pressure on the back side of throttle blade)

PS - With my seat lowered and as far back as possible with the back rest reclined I have about an inch above my head.:(
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