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I have a 2006 Corolla S with the JBL 6 speaker system.

I replaced the original receiver about a year ago with the JVC KD-HDR10 which worked great for a year. I got to work one day and everything was working fine and I came back out, started up the car and I had no audio. The receiver was working fine, I could perform all functions that I could before(play cd's, radio, switch sources, etc.) I just couldn't hear anything. When I turned the receiver off and back on I got could hear a noise come out of the rear speakers for 1/2 a second(just a pop), then nothing.

I thought that it couldn't be the speakers because the chances of all 6 speakers going out at one time isn't likely. I decided to buy a new receiver, the JVC KD-HDR20, which is the upgraded version of my previous receiver. I pulled the dash apart and hooked up the new receiver... same thing happened - no audio.

My first thought was that there is an amp somewhere in car that I was missing. I called the local Toyota dealership and they told me that the 06 Corolla S does not have an external amp.

Does anyone have any suggestions or any other ideas to try?

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