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Red Button Alarm

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I have a 1997 toyota Camry LE. I bought it about 3 months ago and this is my first camry. I found the black alarm box in the trunk the other day. It has the dealer installed alarm. The red little button on the left side of the steering wheel. The car did not come with the key fob for it. I plugged the box in under the seat and the alarm does go off and function. I cannot use it because I am missing the fob. Is there anyway to find a fob or get it up and running? Or should I just buy a alarm kit for the car. I am not really electronics friendly and really do not know how to wire up a alarm system, but I probly would be able to do it. I really need a working alarm. Any advise?

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Any way you can grab any numbers off of either of those boxes? Model numbers? Brands? FCC ID codes?

If it's a facotry Toyota system, you can easily get new fobs. If it's not... we can do the research. :)
Thanks for the Reply.

On the Front It says: Security main control Module
Main Module Part Number 00014-s0200

Barcode- 079601163513613634

Thanks again for any help. I just don't want to see my car get broken into. I live In New Orleans. Thats why I need a alarm HEHE.
Looks like the standard factory RS3200 system!

Still looking for a remote for you. Give me a few minutes.
OK, I been standing on my head under the dash on the drivers side of my 2000 Tacoma Pre-Runner, after fighting with my alarm. My battery has been disconnected for the last 3 months, and now I'm trying to get things going again. I can not reset or disarm with the key fobs, the originals, with good batteries in them. I can disarm by turning the key to on (not start) and pushing the red button on the dash a couple of times, but if I open and shut the door,(nothing else) the red light on the dash blinks real fast for about thirty seconds, then the horn beeps once, the lights flash, and the alarm is armed again, and the only way to disarm it it to do the key to on/red light button thing again. Key fobs do nothing.
I want the alarm GONE, or working right. This truck will be having the battery disconnected and reconnected a lot in the next several months. I have the same 00014 S0200 box under my dash-what will happen if I disconnect the white molex looking connector going to the box? I would be happy with no alarm/keyless entry, or an alarm that works right with the key fobs I have. Has my alarm somehow lost it's association with my key fobs? Please help Toyota alarm experts out there.
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Hello shady1070

Could you please share information on your remote i have the same fcc id and cant find anthing here in Texas. Did you have to buy another remote if yes where did you buy it from?
I yanked the alarm box, and live without. I have to unlock my doors from the outside with the key (did this for 25 years before I got this truck) no big deal. Found a flashing LED on a little plastic box that 2 AA batteries go in to screw to my dash, so now it looks like I have an alarm, which is primarily what keeps people from breaking in anyway. I'm sure if you search online you will find them, but I don't need them anymore.
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