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Redline Time Attack, California Speedway, Feb. 10th-11th

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Hey Everyone!

I wanted to start a thread for the season opening event of the 2007 Redline:Time Attack! Season. We will be returning to California Speedway, site of the largest Time Attack event ever held in North America, on February 10th-11th, 2007. Last year we had just over 80 competitors and 500 spectators come to the track to witness, and participate in, the excitement that is Time Attack!

We have made great strides in refining our version of Time Attack racing and improving on our ability to deliver the quality, fun and excitement you have come to expect. For 2007 we are launching a new aspect of our events, named "Circuit Life". The Circuit Life portion of our events will encompass the support activities and attractions that you would expect to find at a racing event (Car Show, Vendor Midway, Tech Seminars, Ride Alongs, Parade Laps, After Party, etc). Check out our flier for "Circuit Life":

The industry is really getting behind our series with more and more support. You can expect this support to flow down to our participants in many ways. One way that will be in direct support of our racers is our expanded Contingency Award Program. Aftermarket manufacturers want to show their support of customers who have been supporting them through purchasing their parts, by way of awarding cash prizes if you do well (while using their products).

Media coverage for the 2007 season is greatly improved with commitments from 6 magazines so far and several automotive themed websites. We also expect to receive TV coverage of our larger events, such as California Speedway. Those of you involved in amateur racing understand how much your sponsors (or potential sponsors) appreciate media coverage.

To register for the Time Attack or Car Show, please visit this link:

More information on the event and series will be uploaded to our main website this weekend:

If you have any questions for us, please post them here, email us, or call us.

See you at the track!