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Having followed the guide to flushing the coolant this weekend, I became well aware of the poor noise isolation toyota has on the VSV at idle

the constant tick tick tick tick tick tick tick - it's very annoying

Does anyone have a write up with photos for newbies to try to fix the isolation?

I found these nice instructions but the problem is I don't know what I am looking for:

then I found a link to this other forum with photos but the problem is I cannot recoignize our engine from that engine

Help clue in a dumb newbie like me?

Is it possible some VSV parts work better than others?
Maybe it is not the factory part on my 2004 matrix which has >200K miles?

aha! I finally found a photo of the matrix vsv from a guide to install an intake kit (don't worry I am not ever going to do that)

so this is it? - it says "upper" - does that imply a second one somewhere?
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