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Hello all.
I don't own a Tacoma at the moment, but im looking around and doing some research before i go buy. I was wanting to get an 05 XR, but with me wanting to buy a house soon, that would be another payment id have to worry about.
So, i was looking at getting an 01-04 Tacoma quad cab.
to those that own one, how do u like it?
Hows the room?
Engine pull hard?

I have a 4yr old son im getting to see alot more now and im comming from a 2 seater Celica to a truck. Im kinda thinking about getting the 4x4 so i can tak it off road with my buddies when i want.
Plus, Ohio winters suck sometimes and i live up a dirt driveway.

My plans r to get some nice rims on it for the summer times and for winters get some nice snow tires.
a small system. maybe a 10 or 12 inch sub with a couple monitors for my son.
Exhaust and intake would be a must.

what should i look for when searching for a used Tacoma?
What package would be best for me?

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