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Remote Start Help?

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Hey all,

I recently installed an EasyGuard aftermarket passive keyless entry system with push start and remote start (the one with factory style key fobs). The only issue is that after what I thought was a correct install with a temporary hide-a-key type immobilizer, I can only get the car to push start or remote start with a key blade in the ignition and turned to on. It isn't the immobilizer, as the key blade has no chip, it's just a metal blade. If the key is in the column to release the steering lock but is turned to the "off" position, the car will crank but will not turn over. I cannot get it to turn over unless I first turn the key to the "on" position. I cannot leave it here permanently as the car will not turn off, and it would cause battery drain. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this when installing a remote start? Is there something obvious I may be missing? Haven't found anything on the subject thus far. Thanks all.