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Remote Start / Immobilizer Bypass

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I know this has been discussed but I searched and could not find the answers I was looking for.

So I took my dog to the vet this morning and on the way back saw a big yard sale and decided to stop. While browsing I came across a Brand New Unopened Viper 160XV with a $15 tag on it. Pulled out my android phone and started the ebay app and found one had just sold for like 69.99 I believe and offered the guy $10 for it and figured if I decided not to use it I could sell it on ebay for a decent profit.

My ultimate question is do I need an Immobilizer Bypass or anything else to install this? If so exactly what do I need?

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In my experience, some corollas that use a regular key may or may not be equip with an immobilizer, sometimes its just random depending on the trim level. But if you do have a push to start vehicle then you will need a bypass module. One way I check if a car has an immobilizer is with the key. If all of your keys are all metal then they don't qualify, if all of your keys have a plastic coating on the head (usually with a small indentation near the key's spine) then it may still qualify.

You can test out the keys with the plastic coating by wrapping the key's head with 2-3 layers of tinfoil, making sure that the foil covers where the head meets the spine. Then try starting the car with that key, if it doesn't start then there is an immobilizer, if it does start then either you do not have an immobilizer or you didn't wrap the key enough to distort the signal.

If you do have an immobilizer, you would need an immobilizer bypass module. There are typically 3 types of bypass modules. The type where you have to place a key that can start the car within the module which is usually cheaper, the type that you are able to keep all keys for the bypass, and the type that handles the immobilizer bypass and the door locks for qualifying vehicles. Check out for more details about bypass modules.
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