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Remote start installation questions for 2007 Corolla

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Hello Everyone,

I drive an '07 Corolla and was looking to install a keyless entry/remote start system.

I was thinking of purchasing this
The question is, is my car one of them.

Also how difficult of an install job is this?

Any feedback on this would be helpful :)

Thanks in advance
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How difficult this job depends solely on how comfortable you are with wiring diagrams and electrical.

At the shop where I work, our install guy can take anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on the type of vehicle and features to be installed.

You will need to purchase that bypass kit for the remote start to be able to function. There is a TON of wiring and splicing - take your time and do it very slowly as it is extremely easy to create some extreme headaches for yourself if you rush through the install. Anywhere that requires wires to be joined it's always best to use heat shrink butt connectors for wiring that will last you a lifetime.

Oh one more thing, if your car is standard, make sure that the kit you want to buy comes with that interface and is compatible with manual cars. If your automatic - don't worry about this.
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