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Ok, Here's the skinny:

Most remote start manufactures specifically reccomend not using remote starters on Manual Transmission equiped cars. Reason? If you leave your car in gear when it is parked, you run the risk of accidentally "starting" your car in gear, causing a dangerous situation.

Solution: Create a neutral switch that will only allow the "remote start" while your vehicle is in neutral. Most remote start systems have a "hood" sensor that keeps the "remote starter" from operating when the hood is open. This protects you from accidently starting the car while working on the engine. This normally open circuit disables the remote start when it becomes closed. If you were to run a second switch (or set of switches)from this circuit that is only open when the car is in neutral, you would be able to safely set up a "remote start" in any car with a Manual transmission.

I figure I could set up a swich under the center of the stick shift that would be closed unless the stick were centered (neutral).


Other swich locations suggestions?

Already did something similar and have install pics?
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